The Final Draft is a compilation of Westlake High School's stories and experiences. We work to give students an outlet for individual expression in an environment that encourages creativity and growth. Join our community of artists and submit to The Final Draft.


The Final Draft accepts submissions of art, writing, photography, songs, short films, animations, and sculptures by students and teachers currently attending Westlake High School. All work sent in must be original. Not all pieces will be featured in the magazine. Feel free to submit as much or as little as you want—the amount you submit will not factor in to the acceptance of your work.

Want examples? Check out the Editions page of our website to see past issues of The Final Draft.

Send your submissions to or click "submit" below to have your work considered.

We are so excited that you're interested in submitting to The Final Draft ! We hope you're as proud of your work as we are and that you feel confident enough to include your name in your submission, but if you prefer to remain anonymous, we can do that too :)

Submissions are closed for the 2022-2023 school year!!

Animation by Harmony Ho

Confidentiality Notice

Everything you submit is confidential unless there is reason to believe you are going to hurt yourself or others, or there is reason to believe you are being hurt by somone else


In your submission please include along with your piece(s):

All submissions should be sent to or submitted through our google form, but submissions are closed for the 2022-2023 school year. We look forward to seeing your pieces next year!

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