Westlake High School's Award Winning Art and Literary Magazine

The Final Draft receives submissions throughout the school year from Westlake High School's student body of all ages. The submissions are of a range of mediums, from digital art to film to sculptures to original songs to poems and short stories. Each year, we gather these submissions and compile them into a magazine to redistribute to the students, spreading the creativity that had been shared with us.

Photo by Olivia O'Farrell

The staff of The Final Draft is composed of a variety of personalities and beliefs, yet through our differences, we attempt to combine our skills in order to highlight the pieces and their creators.


Art by Mary-Elizabeth Potts

Want to be featured in the magazine, on the website, or have your work posted on our social media? Send in your writing, art, or photography for a chance to have your piece showcased in next year's edition of The Final Draft.


Banner image by Georgia O'Keefe