Meet The Staff 2022 - 2023

Ms. Moira Longino

Howdy, y'all! Funny meeting you here. I am called Ms. Longino and I teach Art, Creative Writing, Art History, and Literary Magazine. I enjoy photography, movies, obsessing over my dogs, pregnant pauses, and long walks on the beach.

Scarlett Milling (She/her)

Hi! I'm Scarlett Milling and this year I'm The Final Draft's Editor-in-Chief. I'm in my third year of varsity at Texas Rowing center and I like to spend my free time reading and knitting! Third year on staff!

Isabela Riggs (she/they)

Hey! I'm Bela, website designer and co-editor on The Final Draft. I'm a Junior and this is my third year on staff! I play Roller Derby and enjoy drawing and painting.

Toren Dennie (any)

Hiiii, I'm Toren. My hobbies include crocheting cat hats, listening to Alex G (among other things), and pondering. I've been with The Final Draft for two years and will miss it forever when I'm gone.

Sofia Gordeev (she/her)

Hey!! My name is Sofia Gordeev! I help with designing spreads and creating posters for The Final Draft. I love Carl Jung, Haruki Murakami, and BoJack Horseman, and enjoy drawing in my spare time. This is my first year on the staff!

Lily Caudle (They/She)

Hello! I'm Lily, a Senior, and I'm on The Final Draft staff! I help out with the website and general staff things. I am the Captain of the Color Guard team and have been doing guard since the beginning of High School. This is my first year on staff.

sarah ryan (She/Her)

Yo, I'm Sarah Ryan. I've been doing The Final Draft during my Senior year. I like collecting things and reading.

Eva lyra   (she/her)

Hey! I'm Eva and I work with outreach in The Final Draft. I love writing and photography and I plan on writing in college, so seeing all the amazing submissions this year has been so fun and inspiring! First-year.

Sarah Degnan (she/her)

Hi I'm Sarah this is my first year on The Final Draft. I love to play guitar, listen to music, and talk to my cats.

Frankie cutter (she/her)

Hi! I'm Frankie, and I'm on Westlake High School's The Final Draft. I'm also an intern with NPR's podcast Two Guys On Your Head! This is my first year!

Rain chapoteau (she/her)

Hi! I'm Rain, I'm an editor on Westlake High School's The Final Draft and I run the Media Dissection Club at Westlake. First-year on staff.

elliana lindow (she/her)

Hey! I'm Elliana, one of the magazine designers for The Final Draft. I enjoy creating art and finding new music. First Year.

mary kate (she/her)

Hi!! I'm Mary Kate and this is my first year on The Final Draft. I work on the website and help out with spreads. I am a sophomore cheerleader and enjoy spending time with my friends, shopping, and traveling!

Vanessa Law (She/They)

Hello, I am Vanessa and this my first year at The Final Draft. I like staying at home and sleeping. please donot talk to me i will get scared.