The Final Draft seeks to highlight student voices by displaying their art, music, and writing in magazine issues, our website and our instagram. To amplify their thoughts beyond the scope of their pieces, we regularly feature many of Westlake's talented student artists in interviews regarding their work, their inspirations, and more.

From Sabato to

Domenica I slip

through the

cracks of the

world, swim

with the fish

and the mermaids

behind the fire

of my eyelids.

From Lunedì

to Martedì

I rail against the

floral bars of

my impenetrable

cage of eyes,

from Mercoledì

to Giovedì

I drink Mercury

and absinthe

and giggle in

Renaissance salons

with Oscar Wilde

and the Silverpoints.

Venerdì I am

locked in the eyes

of Dorian Gray and

Sidonia and I

fall to pieces

every time the

pocket-watch of my

interminable existence


Writing by Sofia Clavitta

(Also published in our 2020-2021 issue, Junk Drawer!)

Art by Grayce Richardson

(Also published in our latest issue, Through the Looking Glass!)

A World of Butterflies

Boundless butterflies were elegantly dancing through the periwinkle skies like royalty

when a little creature opened its eyes

to the light for the very first time.

The little creature wiggled its body,

and saw its very first sight:

endless colors taking flight.

Violets and oranges and blues and greens—

all swirled together in perfect harmony.

Elegant oranges were drifting amongst the orchids,

and vivid blues dashing between the mulberry bushes.

The little creature felt the purest bliss

as it continued to gaze upon its exquisite new tribe.

The glimmering ruby ones crowded around the little creature

and soon they all came to a slow flutter and there was a soft mutter…

The newest edition was different.

The little creature smiled, its big admiring eyes

bouncing from butterfly to butterfly.

“Its wings are blue and brown,”

the butterflies said with a frown.

“And purple and grey.”

“Something’s not right, why does the little creature look this way?”

The little creature spread its unique wings,

and looked at them pleased.

It’s festive smile charmed the many butterflies, and soon, they all took to the skies.

The little creature was the moth in a world of butterflies.

Writing by Rachel Hurt

(Also published in our 2020-2021 issue, Junk Drawer!)