MEET THE STAFF 2020 - 2021

For our staff photos this year, we decided to recreate our favorite photos from our childhood in order to show our growth through the years. To view our childhood photos, read Junk Drawer!

Moira H. Longino

Adviser, Super Senior

Anne Saltel

Editor-in-chief, Senior

Lenny Ahsan

Creative direction/Senior

Mikaela Seelke

Editorial Staff, Senior

Mary-Elizabeth Potts

Online Editor, Senior

Ava Valdes

Managing Editor, Junior

Emma Luddy

Online Editor, Junior

Zoe Hamlin

Editorial Staff, Junior

Katherine Sheffield

Design/Art Editor, Junior

Chloe Poustovoi

Design/Art Editor, Junior

Paige Meakin

Design/Art Editor, Junior

Scarlett Milling

Fundraising/Outreach Coordinator, Sophmore

Anne-Sophie Kaufman

Webmaster, Sophomore

Isabela Riggs

Editorial Staff, Freshman

Banner by Edith Holtzman